Product Offerings    

Uninterruptible Power Supply System

The heart of all mission-critical data centers, Maxxus’ UPS systems eliminate power surges, noise, and spikes and ensures optimal efficiency levels for your data center’s power needs. Power outages result in lost profits, never lose a cent to power loss when your business most needs it.

Precision Air-Conditioning System

Your data center runs round the clock; you’ll need an air-conditioning system that keeps up with it. With hardware running 24 hours, seven days a week, heat management issues can quickly intensify into an explosive situation. Maxxus’ precision air-conditioning systems are designed to run continually and provide precise controls of temperature and humidity.

Digital Water Detection System

Moisture which gathers below the floor may cause wiring or equipment damage over time. To prevent such an occurrence, thus leading to costly downtime, Maxxus installs water detection systems in all data centers to monitor for moisture.

Fire Suppression/VESDA System

Maxxus employs a state-of-the-art Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) system as an effective means for fire suppression. VESDA works by continually drawing air into a highly efficient aspirator and analysing it through a dual stage filtering system. From the filter, the sample goes to a calibration detection chamber laser light source. When smoke is detected, it immediately communicates this information to a fire alarm control panel.

24/7 Remote Site Monitoring System

Keep watch over your datacenter, wherever you are. Consolidating an array of monitoring, logging, and alarm solutions into one convenient package, Maxxus’ remote monitoring system employs a number of notification methods, such as email or webpage alerts, to inform you of operational issues before they escalate.

Fiber Optic Solutions

Similar to cabling solutions, fiber optics offer vastly increased bandwidth capabilities which offer full scalability for large office networks.

Digital Hybrid Telephone & PABX System

Working in a secured data center environment needn’t isolate you from communication with your colleagues. Maxxus installs a full-featured telephone system in all data centers which connects to your company’s PABX network.


Standby Generator Power Supply System

Utility outages are isolated cases, but they do happen. Don’t get caught unawares, Maxxus’ standby power generators provide seamless power to your data center facilities should all other sources go down.

Access Floor System

Access floor systems let you reconfigure data and electrical systems on demand. Each space on the access floor is segmented into sections where these systems can be routed while still maintaining sufficient clearance to provide air flow throughout the access floor.

Biometrics Access Control System

Ensure the security of your business’s data center with Maxxus’ biometrics systems. Biometric systems identify people based on their physical characteristics (thumb prints, retinal scans, etc.); thus making it an ideal security solution, as biometric data cannot be lost or stolen.

Temperature & Humidity Control System

Data centers with particularly high humidity levels may require something more than precision air-conditioning to keep hardware from overheating and costing you thousands of dollars in equipment loss. Maxxus installs wireless sensors in potential hot spots which send automatic alerts to facility personnel.

Structural Cabling Solutions

When choosing cabling solutions for the data center, it makes strategic and economical sense to choose one that will maximize lifecycle and reduce capital and operational expense. Maxxus’s expertise in the industry guarantees your cabling infrastructure to remain operational through multiple generations of system equipment and at least two generations of data-rate increases.

Wireless LAN Solutions

Ideal for facilitating network access to mobile computing, WLAN switches may be installed in your data center, with a full suite of security options to deter would-be intruders.